Michael, Lisa, Megan and Doug getting candid! God has granted the wonderful privilege of friendships on two continents. 

As such, we are always between two worlds, with dear friends in the U.S. partnering with us as we serve in Europe, entering into new friendships in Europe. Our hearts are connected to both worlds, so we conclude our citizenship must be in heaven. 

Our blogging will be somewhat regular, but not overly frequent.


Ten2 Participants Arrive!

A Full Summer of Outreach

We have 16 interns, some from GEM and some from another organization.  We are training each morning, the going to various universities around …

Celebrating Mom

Officiating Her Memorial on Woodson Ranch

On May 21, 2022, we celebrated Doug’s mother’s life in a memorial on Woodson Ranch in Montana. 

Doug officiated and the rest of …

Family on the Ranch

We had a Relaxing Week with Megan and Michael

After Megan’s graduation, we all headed to Woodson Ranch. Megan had asked for a week with just the family for graduation, …

Megan Earns Her Master's

Celebrating a Milestone

We flew to the US to watch Megan graduate and celebrate with her. This is an amazing achievement, but there was a surprise when we landed.

I texted …

Strategic Planning

Gathering in Athens to Plan the Year

GEM’s Spiritual Life Team gathered in Austin at the end of April to discuss, direction, new ideas, and plan. Many things are on the …

GEM Germany

Having Fun at our Field Retreat

This is just the team we played a part of during one of the evening games at our GEM Germany Field Retreat. We had a lot of fun.

We gather …

Praying for a Friend

Setting Rich Apart for a New Phase

It was almost the final night of the Movement Leaders’ gathering in Athens so we decided to pray for Rich. To set him apart for a new …

Movement Leaders Praying

Disciple Making Movements Gaining Momentum

The last in-person Europe-wide event we planned was in 2019. Sure, we facilitated some briefer events over the internet in 2020 …

Stille Retreat for the EA

Engaging Memorably with God

Well it finally happened. Covid lockdowns didn’t prevent it this year, but it was interesting. 

With only one week to move all the materials …

Focus on UKRAINE

Discovering Ways to Help

As I was in the US  for my mother’s memorial, calls and emails started coming my way to assist on a team within GEM to discover where to assist …

Gratefulness for Mom

Memorial for Doug’s Mom

Some things you just don’t plan for, but they are very important, and they sort of catch you off-guard. 

While there were plenty of warning signs, …

Seeing Poznań

Revisiting Friends and Old Stomping Grounds

Well, since Ben came to Germany, Megan wanted him to see her old stomping grounds, to see her world growing up.  Michael just …

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