Focus Cities Initiative

Core Team Meets in Birmingham, UK

We had our second annual meeting for the Focus Cities Initiative in GEM. This time it took place in Birmingham, UK. We have three cities that are currently participating in the initiative: Athens, Birmingham, and Frankfurt.  

The core idea looks at developing a strategy to reach a whole city, and what that takes, in contrast to concentrating on planting a church. Of course, churches will get planted, but hopefully has an outcome of multiplying disciples, who reach those in their spheres of influence, and then lead churches that multiply as well.  

We had a good couple of days in Birmingham, and the result was a calendar of events that overwhelm us all. Current plans are to send experienced teams to new cities within the next 3 years. God must move, so we need your prayers. Your prayers are essential to us staying in step with God’s Spirit and leadership.  Thanks.   

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