Frankfurt Here We Come

Christmas Markets and Apartments

We did not write much about our time in Texas. We did quite a bit. We traveled to 6 cities, met with fantastic people, caught up on things (that really helps us) with our friends. We felt so carried and blessed by God that we still can’t get over it.  So we just want to say thanks for your presence when we saw you.  

In the midst of it all, we played a role on the discernment team for new missionaries with GEM at the end of October. Lisa and I both enjoyed that process. 

When we landed in Poznan, two days later we drove to Frankfurt, Germany to look for apartments. We saw quite a number within 5 days. In the middle of it all, with a little rain included, we went to the Frankfurt Christmas Market. We experienced unique foods, lots of people, and a great time.  

As to the apartments, we are currently deciding which one will be for us or if we need to make another trip. We’d appreciate your prayers regarding this decision. We want the neighborhood to be ripe and responsive for God’s Kingdom when we arrive.

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