Leading Seminars at AC

Cycle of Grace, Re-Creating Rest and Focus Cities 

This year had a full seminar schedule for me. The spiritual life team had been asked to double up on their seminars this year due to the emphasis GEM has been placing on our missionaries’ spiritual vitality.  We did each seminar twice and we had quite a number of folks in attendance. I also had a a lot of fun, and God spoke to me about a portion of the Cycle of Grace as I shared.  It was really interesting.  

Rich (my colleague) and I also led a seminar on the purpose, design, and hope of the Focus City Initiative. The main emphasis has to do with entering the relational tapestry of a city and seeing it transformed by the Spirit of God through disciples that multiply. Leaders for Athens, Birmingham and Frankfurt all had a part and we took questions at the end. Please continue to pray for both the Spiritual Life Team and the Focus Cities Initiative. 

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