Lesvos, Greece

Watching God Work

For security reasons, I really can’t post pictures of the refugees we worked with on Lesvos.  Lisa and I received a request to help with various aspects of what GEM was doing among refugees on Lesvos. By the way, over 800,000 refugees have been processed through this Greek island.  

We discovered quite quickly that God was at work. At various times, we witnessed people trusting Christ.  I had the opportunity to be used in seeing people trust Christ as well, despite the language barrier. 

GEM’s work there included evangelism, disciple-making, leadership development, and that’s just with the refugees. All of this was taking place in Arabic, Farsi, Kurmanji and French. While we were there, 21 refugees trusted Christ and we witnessed or helped prepare for baptism, 14 others. Many others are involved in disciple-making groups. We had fun simply watching God work. The last night we were there, I was watching leaders we had train prepare two whole families for baptism. Amazing!  

Oh, yes, if your are curious, the picture above holds the content of a disciple-making lesson I had the privilege of leading on sharing the gospel with those you know. The picture to the right is a 30 foot hole filled with life preservers given to the refugees for passage to Lesvos.  

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