On the Move

Hello Frankfurt!

Yes, we have moved. We loved our life in Poland too! When we look over the years, we are absolutely amazed at what God has done and what He has allowed us to do.  We have had a chance to work in church planting in Poland at a national level, then across Europe, experience leadership roles in GEM, open new ministries, meet tons of fantastic people and on top of all that, get a great stable environment to raise our kids (no small feat for a missionary). Our hearts are full of gratitude for you, your partnership with us, and your phenomenal prayers that sustain us. Thank you!

Now the chapter opens in Frankfurt, with a new initiative in GEM called Focus Cities. Alongside that I will continue to supervise CityReach and develop GEM’s spiritual life ministry. We are developing a whole new branch of that in partnership with an organization that trained me in spiritual direction. We are looking forward to what God will do in multiplying disciples across Frankfurt, Europe, and all because following Jesus is the best way to live life in the 21st Century!  

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