Reaching Out

Engaging those Far from God

Our interns joined an arts team to reach out to 5 different areas of Frankfurt. Music, dance, art, face-painting, and conversations all had their place during the whole week.  

The interns felt thrown into the middle of things, but they enjoyed all that happened. Probably the most fruitful area of Frankfurt, and an area of one of the partner church plants, was Fechenheim. We followed up a a number of people from the time we spent there.  

To top it off, we had a great meal at our apartment after the last day of the arts outreach in Frankfurt. Oh, yes, we also hosted part of the team at our apartment for the whole week.  

Lisa did most of the work as Doug was away leading an event in France for most of the week (although he did enjoy the last full day here with us). God was tremendously good.  Thanks for praying.  

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