The Nichol's Visit

Touring Frankfurt with Our Good Friends 

The interns left the day before Greg and Debby came. They have journeyed with us in GEM for the past 29 years as we were appointed together with GEM at the same time.  

They came to stay with us for a few days in our new home just before the start of GEM’s Annual Conference.  We had a great time with them touring Frankfurt (we’re in the town’s center in the picture). We really hadn’t had time to take in the city due to our move and having interns. Greg and Debby gave us the great excuse to do so.  

We learned about the Germain Pietist Movement and Jacob Spener, who has a great role in Evangelicalism’s history. Suffice it to say we just needed a little down-time before a full schedule at Annual Conference, and it was great that the Nichols could share in it with us. 

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