Introduction to the Literature

The books recommended here cross denominational boundaries and may stretch the reader’s understanding of God and His interaction with him. In no way do I endorse every word or statement of these books, but I do endorse their intent: to help the reader live into the nearness and presence of our Triune Lord and grow in understanding the depths of His love and how He interacts with His children.

Only a few select books are included and additional authors and works will be added in the future. Enjoy the reading. Take what touches your heart and leave behind what does not. The overall desire in sharing these books is to assist in deepening a person’s relationship with God.

A working definition of Spiritual Formation may be in order:

Spiritual formation is the life-long process of the Holy Spirit conforming the heart (mind, will, emotions – soul, interior) to the image of Christ so that the love of God can be experienced, reciprocated and expressed (incarnated) for the sake of others (mission).”

Prayer, too, needs some broader conceptualization in order to encompass all the ways God interacts with us and we with Him.

Prayer is consciously attending to God and His communications from within (calling forth from one’s interior) and from without (beckoning from the exterior – surroundings), especially congruent with His Word, while authentically revealing oneself and responding to Him in all circumstances of life.”

So that brings me to a working conceptualization of Christian Spirituality that continues to be refined:

"Christian spiritualitythat glorifies the Father concerns the experience of the Triune Lord in and among His people living responsively to the leadership of Jesus Christ through interaction with His promised immediate presence in the person of the Holy Spirit resulting in Kingdom communities focused on His desires through disciple-making and deepening spiritual practices sourced in prayer, the Word and reflection (individually and in community) that bear the fruit of His kind of love expressed toward each other and the world."

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