Training Videos by Steve Smith

GEM’s CityReach is an outgrowth of the 50-in-5 initiative, which started in 2012 and transitioned to CityReach in 2017. Click here to see the 50-in-5 video. Here is a video on breakthrough multiplication.  

This site is based upon the training of Steve Smith that captures the essential practices of Disciple-Multiplication Movements (DMM) often referred to as church planting movements (CPM).  Select videos of his training can be found on this site.  If you prefer reading, the book, T4T: A Discipleship Rerevolution, by Steve Smith and Ying Kai, is available from Amazon.  For a brief overview of a DMM Framework and Process, please click here on the above link DMM Essentials.

I have added some Internet links to get you to other materials and website applying these concept for disciple-making and church planting movements below. 

24:14 - Reaching the Globe with Prayer and Movements

T4T Online

No Place Left Movement has training or a more complete and varied training for all four fields here.  

Curtis Sergeant has a great series of brief training videos on disciple-multiplication movement principles.  

David Garrison’s Church Planting Movements Site

Movements that Change the World and some great training resource videos

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